How to get specified data from screen 1 to screen 2

Dear Coders, i have created two screen i.e screen1 and screen2. In screen1 i have two buttons i.e button1 and button2. In screen2 i two vertical arrangements (contains different data) i.e arrangment1 and arrangement2. Now when i click on button1 i want to show vertical arrangment1 and vice versa. What will be blocks for these?

If I undestood correctly button1 and button2 are on Screen1 and vertical arrangements are on Screen2 ?

You are asoutely right…

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Use tinydb

If button clicked , save in tinydb with tag name (anything eg. Button) and the value as 1 or any other thing

In screen2 initi block, get the tindydb data for the same tag name used in screen1 (eg. Button)

Here use if else block.

If the value is 1 show va1 data
Else show va2 data






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In ur method due to screen close, when back press from screen2, app closed…I applied these blocks…now working fine…

Screen 1


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