A weird bug in my app

I have 3 screens in my app. Screen1 is my splash screen and Screen2 is where the user can log in/signup and Screen3 is the main page of my app. I have used TinyDB on Screen1 to create a one-time login system. When I open my app first time then after the splash screen, it automatically opens Screen3, where it should open Screen2 because obviously there will be no value in TinyDB but still it is taking me on Screen3. I don’t know how it is possible…I re-exported my app and tried again but still, the same thing is happening. What can I do?

These are the blocks! Screen2 is the login/signup page and Screen3 is the main page.


Please share the block where you’re storing data in TinyDB.

You need to store there password and username in the tinydb