Load screen 1 time dynamically not 2nd , 3 , 4 time

hi koders and community members

i have one problem in my app anyone suggest me a blocks to do this ,


not to load scren dynamically again and again load only one time and if users open app again it will be pre loaded here is screen shot of my blocks and aia also

loopmoviesapk (1).aia (4.6 MB)

here is the screen shot

Unfortunately you can not do that. The only thing you can do is once app runs for the first time get data from database and save it to tinyDB so every time after first run you can run app offline

can you explain me by screen shot or blocks and where to put tiny db system

anyone can suggest how to place

On screen initialize call tinyDB get value… value if empty - empty list. If get value is empty call data from online database and then save it to tinyDB

in My blocks can you suggest what to do with tiny db by block pngs for better understanding