Touch color for Card duplicated

When changing the touch color of a card to something other than #CCCCCCFF or the default color, it shows a second touch directly in the center of the card.

2019_10_06_20_31_12.mp4 (6.5 MB)


Companion or real apk?

Companion, I haven’t tested with a real APK yet

Should happens only at companion

After a pain staking test on my phone, it does it with APK as well

How should this be possible?
There should not be a block for it.
You should can change it only at designer screen

It is changed in the designer. Test for yourself.

I had the same “bug” when I did the Kodular Companion 2 design I think you can see a “double touch color”

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Everyone step up now if you had this issues! It’s a once in a lifetime occurrence LOL :joy:

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I having this issue as well.

I use the card component as login panel. When I touch anywhere of the card, there is a color coming out from the center even though I have set the touch color to transparent.

I have been searching for solution to remove the touch feedback color. But, cannot find any solution.

There is no way to remove it, but this issue will most likely have been fixed in the next update.

EDIT: Turns out I was wrong.

@Mika any updates on this? Is there anyway to just remove the ripple? It still occurs.

My apps are facing this issue too. It is most distracting.