Touch color for Card duplicated

When changing the touch color of a card to something other than #CCCCCCFF or the default color, it shows a second touch directly in the center of the card.

2019_10_06_20_31_12.mp4 (6.5 MB)


Companion or real apk?

Companion, I haven’t tested with a real APK yet

Should happens only at companion

After a pain staking test on my phone, it does it with APK as well

How should this be possible?
There should not be a block for it.
You should can change it only at designer screen

It is changed in the designer. Test for yourself.

I had the same “bug” when I did the Kodular Companion 2 design I think you can see a “double touch color”

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Everyone step up now if you had this issues! It’s a once in a lifetime occurrence LOL :joy:

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