Sample of my designs for Kodular

Moved “[Little dream] Redesign Companion” topic to here

I created this theme only and exclusively to show my designs / ideas that could serve the Kodular team

Starting with Companion; I made my own “design” inspired by Kodular Creator, obviously it is not functional it and neither will it be, but I want to share this “design”

Kodular Companion - Material Design 2

Kodular Companion currently looks like this:

Actual Companion

And this is the design created by me:

Kodular Companion - Inspired on Creator Design

Main Screen

More Screenshots

Dialog when loading (Same as Loading Project):

Theme Selector (On Menu)

(With same names as in Kodular Creator)

My today sample is a small part of the :kodular: Kodular Store if it were an app:

Kodular Store

Title Bar, Search and Bottom Navigation


Bottom Sheet

Instead of the traditional Side Menu I have decided to use the bottom sheet to create a small menu of three options:

Settings, Dashboard and My Profile


Extension: RecycleView

This is used to show apps or games on Home screen

In this example i showed WhatsApp, Kodular Companion (With Eagle icon) and MyWeather by @hammerhai

Login Screen

Kodular Commission - New Concept

On this occasion I would like to show a new concept of "Kodular Commission"

Actual design

New Design Concept

Kodular Community App

Inspired by this topic: I want app community kodular

It occurred to me to make a small functional prototype!

I used the Discourse guides to create this simple application

At the moment I started with the search although it is not finished


In the search i used Discourse API and ColinTree ListView - In this example i searched @KodeBot

User Account

This is a kind of “Login”, although in reality it will only show user data (Badges, followers, photo, etc)

Soon there will be a dashboard here

Real authentication requires a Discourse API Key

Kodular Live

After a while I update this post again with a new design that I am sure many will like.
I’ve called it Kodular Live (Yes, inspired by Thunkable Live)

I designed it to have the closest possible style to Creator
I have used the “Copy component” function since I have not had time to experiment with Dynamic Components

Community Upgrading Dialog :discourse:

It is likely that sometimes upon entering Community you have encountered this message:

That has no “flavor” to Kodular, so I took a little time to design a new Upgrade message:

It even looks good on mobile device :slight_smile:

PWA vs. App Design

As you will know the latest update of Eagle has included a new authentication system and a new account manager: My Kodular

And those who have accessed from a mobile device will have noticed that My Kodular is also detected as a Progressive Web Application

Now my question: PWA vs. App… :joy:

Very similar, right? :wink:

That’s all for now :sweat_smile::kissing_heart:

#HappyKoding! :kodular:


Nice idea,…

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Very Good And Nice Idea To Make Own Kodular Store There Anyone Can Publish His App Like PlayStore

If Add An Future To Direct Download And Install Apps Like PlayStore It Will Be Awsame

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I will only show non-functional designs, however if the @Kodular team approves it, with pleasure I will make the application complete and functional

I guess it would be a good way to collaborate with the community i think :thinking:


I Am Agree With You Let’s See About @Mika Sir And @Peter Sir

To make it clear:

This is the Kodular team, yes, at first I also thought Peter was part of the team, but he is one of the moderators of the community…

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It’d be great if you could stick to a single topic instead of creating new ones for all your design concepts. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess you could’ve been able to show them by using your old topic too, no?

Ready, let’s remove these comments our!

Added “Kodular Commission” Concept

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Added “RecycleView extension” Screenshot on Kodular Store design

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Did I get mentioned or am I not noticing it in the edits? By the way, nice job with the samples! I like the outline except Kodulars outline is normally 1px, but it’s still very nice!

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Yes, mentioned in the “Components *” section in Kodular Store (You can click on the Table of Contents)

:smirk: Now @alexitoo_uy, there’s a new design coming, that icon’s gonna change in like a day :joy:, we’ll be remembering the old MyWeather then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In any case they are only samples :tipping_hand_man:

They will not be functional applications unless the Kodular equipment allows me to make them for production

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Added “Search” Screenshot on Kodular Community Design


Added “User Account” Screenshot on Kodular Community Design

#HappyKoding :kodular:


Keep it up…:+1:

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Thank you!! I am open to suggestions too! (These designs are only related to Kodular :kodular:)


Its Awesome Design :heart_eyes: love it.