Transparent icon

Why are PNG icons with white borders? Not transparent? What should I do?

I believe the size of your icon is small. Then a part of the white background appears, appearing to be a border.

Try a tanho like the one below
JPEG ou PNG de 32 bits
512 px por 512 px

And see if it solves

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I don’t really know what’s wrong but if you used an transparent icon but it came up like that, try deleting the icon file and reupload back to the asset.

For your information, google no longer allows icon with transparent background, all transparent background will be added with white/black for comply with the new set of rules

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No its depend on every UI design. If I installed your app in my phone then White background will not come.


Because Of Its Incorrect Resolution.

Use Resolution Like 96 X 96 , 48 X48 , 32 X 32 , 16 X 16

Recommended : 96 X 96

Can’t do it?I think this is a very basic function.Kodular

Don’t know how to be transparent

I used 96x96, still the same, it should be Google’s limitation

Use PixelLab App from Google Play Store.