Tribblehunter method explanation


I really need an explanation for how this works.

What does the if_do block do? What is “true” referring to?
How can both close screen and open new screen be in the same procedur?

More on Tribblehunter’s Multiple Screen method :point_down:

Tip: Read the comment part of the blocks to get some more detail


This is in my opinion a better solution. I mean, it does the same, but it’s less confusing to new users:
Note: It’s not my idea. I don’t remember who came up with it.



If I were to use this, does screen2 refer to the screen being opened or the screen being closed?

Screen2 is the result passed to the first block. The CLOSE SCREEN block doesn’t have a parameter. Besides you can’t close a screen other than the current one.
So Screen2 can only be the screen being opened next.


Thank you. I might use this instead of the Tribblehunter method. But I will still run tests to find out.

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How did your tests go?

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