Trigger Font Bold on click Event

Hello Koders,
This is Kshitij. I am creating an app design in which I have a horizontal arrangement in which there are 3 labels. I want that when any label is clicked it should turn into bold and the others to be normal…
In the block section, I have not found any similar block. How can I achieve it?

I know it can be done through HTML. But any simple way?

Screenshot (104)

Then may be you can use dynamic component extension and use the blocks something like this :point_down: on any label click


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Oh. That means dynamic component’s property set block works on non dynamic components too?

Yes, it should work.

Thanks, @Vaibhav
I will try and tell tomorrow.

Btw, its working :smiley: Just tried it :+1:
Here are the blocks I tried


And this :point_down: will also work



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