Try to get data from Airtable API

Hi guys! I need help. I’m try to get data from Airtable API Encoder to get the data in order and with a desired filter. I get the Data, but I can’t get the individual item of each article.

I get this from request:
((records (((createdTime 2022-02-26T11:47:24.000Z) (fields ((ActivoArt 1) (DESCART Agua+Mineral+33cl) (IdCatArt Agua) (PVPArt 1,00) (UndVtaArt UND) (UrlFotoArt (id recdNoy7newrGyoVc)) ((createdTime 2022-02-26T11:49:33.000Z) (fields ((ActivoArt 1) (DESCART Cerveza+Cruzcampo+Lata+33cl) (IdCatArt Cervezas) (PVPArt 0,80) (UndVtaArt UND) (UrlFotoArt (id recc7uYAuFs5QxcYw)) ((createdTime 2022-02-26T11:48:21.000Z) (fields ((ActivoArt 1) (DESCART Canela+Molida) (IdCatArt Condimentos) (PVPArt 2,30) (UndVtaArt UND) (UrlFotoArt (id recNmPIGW3KuhyUmR)) ((createdTime 2022-02-23T08:52:02.000Z) (fields ((ActivoArt 1) (DESCART Fresas+Conil) (IdCatArt Fruta) (PVPArt 2,30) (UndVtaArt KG) (UrlFotoArt (id recEpro5nVM6pjbv0)) ((createdTime 2022-02-02T08:20:12.000Z) (fields ((ActivoArt 1) (DESCART Melones+Bollo) (IdCatArt Fruta) (PVPArt 2,5) (U …
… ART pimientos+verdes.) (IdCatArt Verdura) (PVPArt 2,60) (UndVtaArt KG) (UrlFotoArt (id rectHlwEWCro5tmBo)))))

this is the structure:

but i don’t get it with this blocks.

Please, help! :sweat:

Why you don’t use Airtable component ?

I want to order data and use a filter. I saw this quick method to do this more efficient. With airtable blocks is not possible, hasn’t it?

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Try with dictionary blocks and [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension. For example try

If it works for you, use same way to get other fields. Once you have your lists you can continue creating List View

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YEESSSS, it work perfectly!!! Thanks a lot!!! The truth is, I don’t quite understand how Dictionaries work.
The Kodular Courses I have found, and even for a fee, are very basic. To the experts I see around here, I encourage you to do a course that teaches something more advanced. Of the type, such as Udemy or a similar platform. It’s just a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but I would be your first student :money_mouth_face:

Greetings and thanks!

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