Trying from last 2 days.....did no change in app.....earlier it was exporting properly

Am facing complier issue in my app…i did no change in app…everything was


Already searched from the community tab…no post had the exact soln to my problem peter

You have to give information. You don’t give any information about your app. Why?

We are no mindreaders.

Tell me what information do you require

ill give it to you

Did you read the topic i gave you?

Blocks, assets, extensions, etc, etc, etc. Changes are nobody is helping you because you tell nothing about your app, absolutely nothing.

ok…so i used the spreadsheet extension by cttricks…kio4 gradient extension…2 Extensions by deep host…Timer extension and country code picker

Blocks were quiet simple…there was a if then statemnet checking that no textbox is left blank…if blank it would pop up the notifier saying please fill…(details). if all are filled…then it would call the spreadsheet extension and submit the data but before that it would join the country code with phone no using the join command…Country code was picked by country code picker…then it would display timer of 30 seconds…after that it would call the spreadsheet to check results…then there was a if then statement : if get value = data uploaded successfully…then it would call notifier and show notice…data uploaded successfully. Else it will show unable to update data…Please contact the administrator…This was the app…One thing i would like to tell u it was not a stable app …it have around 20-25 screens

That is asking for trouble. Nobody needs 20-25 screens in their app.

Rethink your design.

This part you didn’t answer.

They were all png format images

I am sorry to say but after 11 hours we are still asking questions to get enough info.
How big are those images in pixelsize?

Do you now understand the importance of giving enough info. Users will go away if they get frustrated because they have to keep on asking questions.

Actually i was using this for the first time…never used the community…Will keep it in mind from next time…Btw Thanks for helping

I understand that, that’s why the “How to ask questions” topic was created and given to users when they come here for the first time.

Hello @aditya_chaturvedi, was it the app you shared with me on Telegram, if so then you should also tell the real amount of screens however, we can skip this for the moment…

Except community (not helpful if user is not using it), there is no information regarding multiple screens on Kodular documentation, if there is I can’t find it easily…

Kodular also don’t have a WARNING when creating eleventh screen and up as MIT AI2 has, by this users think they can create unlimited screens…


@Vishwas something to add.

@aditya_chaturvedi Sorry but this is how you should have done with your screens from the beginning
Building Apps with many screens

Btw, if it was you, you have 85% identical screens of your total screens.


Yes Boban it was me…i have got it rectified…working on fixing it…but thanks a lot for helping me on telegram as well as in community chat