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can you share the code

The aia is in the first post. What more code do you need?

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It doesn’t downloads original video (which videos’s link was ) it downloads random videos from internet not exact video

what do you say it doesn’t work? the loader downloads everything perfectly, the screenshots are taken now.

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Try facebook url. And also it downloads only video section of the file not audio. Test it again carefully please

Check this link 🤔 | By MINI , MAN | Facebook
And see the results.
Plzz stop posting these type of shitts in community.

  1. this ai was an example (a primer for beginners)

  2. what do you dislike about your screenshot? video received 10mb.

  3. if you want other video qualities, then just experiment. aia acc file you have.the site where the data comes from you know (moderator delete this thread)

I am not talking about the file size i wanna let know that app is not responding the video which link was pasted. The app shows the different videos rather than showing actual reaults you test by copying this link 🤔 | By MINI , MAN | Facebook
Firstly check video in facebook and then check it in the app then you will understand what actually i want to say.

I don’t know why the video is being replaced. It’s not an app bug, it’s a website bug. if you need facebook video downloader make it using ai file as tutorial. you can get data from any site with this ai file. my other uploader is getting your video perfectly

Yes i tried your other app that was quite good!

write me a private message from which site you want to receive videos and I will make you aia for free. although no, I won’t, but I’ll teach you how to work with js. you will learn how to get data from any site. It is not hard. I have already learned one

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