UI login - How to make such a button?

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UI login

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How to make such a button?


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UILOGIN-8.apk (8.4 MB)

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For button layout like this, do following:

  1. Add a CardView
  2. Set all Paddings to 0
  3. Add a layout in it. (Horizontal or Vertical Arrangement)
  4. Set Height and Width to Fill parent
  5. Set both Alignments to Center
  6. Add a Label in it and set your text (GET STARTED)
  7. After this, add the gradient to layout following the guide I posted below.
  8. That’s it!

For Gradient color in button, you should see this topic:

This UI does not use cardview

Oh, so you don’t want to use cardview…
Well, I just showed you one way for achieving that look.

If you want everything same as in the screenshots, you should contact the developer of it.

Thats was easy with deephost graphics design extention

You can set gradiant color.i didn’t use it.then it will be look like it