UI Template Desing (Multi-item online store)

Modern and simple Design standards based template
which provides an intuitive and dynamic usability.


This design kit contains 8 independent screens, it is ideal for multi-item online commerce, it has interfaces (main menu of categories, profile, registration, login, cart, list of offers, item details, search engine)

Modern and animated bottom menu with shortcuts, user drop-down top menu.

Dynamic elements generated in Schema considerably reducing the number of blocks and simplifying the creation of lists and articles.

A good UI design will allow you to guide the user and lead him to take actions in a clear and dynamic way.


~ AIA file
~ Images and icons
~ Material Icon Fonts
~ Necessary extensions (2)

~ Not functional, only desing
~ Easy color editing
~ Elegant and dynamic design

Thank you for your feedback!
PM me to request

Price $7


Looks good

Nice Ui Design

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Thank you @deanart2012 @Tech_Developer1

Nice UI. Just a little thing: In the Sign in screen, the text is wrong, “Sing in” instead of “Sign in”.

Thanks for the observation, sometimes the simplest things are overlooked. I will correct it. :+1:

Nice Ui Design