UI/UX for Delivery App

This week I started making a delivery app and I am very happy with the result. Of course, I still need to correct some things and add others, but this is a big step forward!

This is #1 screen (is shown only once)

This is Login Screen

This is Register Screen (WIP)

This is Categories Screen

This is ListItemView Screen (WIP)

This is buy item screen

This is pending item screen


Nice ui keep it up

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Nice UI Really Appreciated

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Really Great UI, Very Professional Work.

Nice ui good work

Great UI Good Work

Nice ui.do you use background image for curved in screen1 & login screen

Not necessary to use image,
Can be done by an extension and layout.

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Can you provide link to extension.

Pm me I’ll provide you the link

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Being a part of community there is nothing like PM to share knowledge. If you have some information worth sharing then share it here itself



Try with arrangement design extension ,that is second one !


Yes, it’s best way without extensions

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But using extension gives you sharper borders and edges.
Moreover images in larger screen sizes may become blurry!

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Oh thanks, I’ll use a extension for design! :wink:

The visual work is perfect.
The merit lies in good taste, creativity, harmony of colors and letters.
I have rarely seen such a lay-out on Kodular. Congratulations.
Note: even if you had used the extension (and I read that you didn’t) good taste and creativity are the factors that determined the final result and not an extension.

Added Dynamic Customlistview integrated with any DB*

how to set card width upto the screen

In properties

how to achive width of card view upto screen edge…