Unable to append to a list in firebase

I’m unable to append to a list in firebase, no the list is not empty although it shows the error previous value is empty and then the app crashes. The tag and bucket is correct i tried doing it manually with “Do it” it is working perfectly fine but not while running the app.

Please show the blockssssss…

This may help you,

First, check this out

And then set your blocks as below

I said the list is not empty and doing it manually is working.

Update: problem is only caused when i try to change the project bucket during runtime.
In total i have to append four times so i used four different firebase components and i set the project bucket during runtime the problem still persisted then i set the bucket from the properties it self and is working fine now.

you may want to mark it as solution

I feel its not a solution but a bypass to the problem

Can you please show the block in the firebase side…
So that we can understand the error

ok just a sec…

I have changed the set project bucket blocks

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Then how can we figure out the error…

I used the same firebase component earlier but it caused problems so i added new components for each append block and still caused problems

Wait we could just change Firebase URL instead of Project bucket name ryt?

The URL is of the image stored on cloudinary and not the Firebase URL