Unable to export app

i cant generate my app it is saying AAPT stage error and giving a message makeroid is unablr to compile this project please solve this error and reply me

AIA file would help. Was the project made in Makeroid or imported?

Its an earning app project

Hmm… This kind of error could be caused by the compilation running out of space. Try using lower resolution assets if possible, and optimize as much as you can. Hope it helps.

But my assets are of lower resolution only…

Then I’m stumped. Posting the AIA file would let me or anyone else to look more closely at the issue.

I also have same problem, anyone please help me. It’s showing an error message. I did it a while back but it’s not going to happen anymore. Please help me.

I keep saying this… I can only guess the problem without the AIA file.

Web_View.aia (3.4 KB)
I created this app for test. Once i exported it before, but now it is not happaning anymore.

And without that project other projects are showing “Compiling part 1” again and again. Please help me!

The Makeroid server is experiencing issues at the moment, compilation is not working. :sweat_smile:

But it is happening first time. And I have to update my app otherwise my earning will going to spoil.

Can u please tell me when it will fix?

I’m going to restrict maximum simultaneous builds to 2, to avoid overloading

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I don’t know what was happening but it has fixed now