Unable to fetch data from 2nd table in airtab

I have simple code.

when i change the table name as 1st table in Design, it changes the label but does not do the same for another table which i have in my airtable. please help

Recheck all properties for another table

  • API Key
  • Base ID
  • Table Name
  • View Name

out of which table name is case sensitive and make sure you have the exact “view name” property mentioned

I have check all. I had just copy pasted the API key and Base ID and table name. and have default Grid view in view name. Whats else can i enter in view name?

Show your airtable data

Check again

  1. API key starts with key…
  2. Base ID starts with app…
  3. Table = Table 1 / Table%201
    %20 is space
    Better using %20 for space…

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