Unable to generate an APK file

I am unable to compile my Kodular App to create an APK. Every time, it comes up with a 'Firebase config file error". I have looked up similar topics on this community, tried creating a new android project on Firebase, generated a google-services.json file, and uploaded it to assets, but even that did not work.
I had originally moved my aia file from MIT App inventor to kodular as Kodular was faster and had additional components I could use. (My original code had Firebase components and used to compile without any issue on App inventor).
There was also some comment on the package name being the same. Could you give me some examples of what this is? For example if I call my new app on firebase “mynewapp” where does this apply in my Kodular app? In the firebase component? or the name of the app as such?
I am now stuck with an app that works perfectly well on testing but cannot be distributed as an apk file!! That is 3 months of concentrated effort down the drain if I cannot compile!

Please help

Have you imported it from MIT app inventor
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Please show the blocks

Please show your blocks and components etc.

This might help

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Power_dev: Yes I have imported from MIT App Builder. Thanks for the welcome.
Nisarga and Power_dev: Thanks for the help but will be difficult. That’s 8 screens with between 200 to 500 blocks each.
Boban: Thanks, will try the solution suggested.
…a little later…Hi Boban,
Tried your solution but it did not work. The error firmly remains the same. ‘Firebase config file error’

Why am I replying to all of you in one message? Because this msg board does not allow me to reply to each person separately (blocks with a message “wait for the participants to reply before adding another reply”)

I also get this error sometimes make sure the package name of your app is the same as the package name in Firebase.

Hi Arnav, that is some thing to work on. Thanks
Please support me on this:
Give me a hypothetical example of the following so that I get what has to be changed (please remember I have lesser expertise in kodular/firebase then you):
Suppose this is the info in the android apps project in firebase:
App ID: 123.dkaseopjkcpokaverylongstring
App nickname: MyApp001,
Package name: com.mycompany.Myapp234 (does case matter? e.g. AB vs ab)

Now what from the above needs to be put where in Kodular?

Go to Screen1 > Advance Properties > Package Name -

And can you share a pic of assets.

Thank you. Did all that. The issue was, however elsewhere, thanks to a great coder on this forum I was told to check if there were some junk file in the assets. I checked and there was one with the name about:blank (not put in by me) that had somehow got in there! I deleted it along with some firebase extensions brought in with my code from Mit App Inventor and was then able to compile.
So here’s what I learned:

  1. When moving your code from MIT App Inventor to Kodular, remove all extensions. You can add them in again from Kodular’s extensions (it helps to keep a snapshot of the previous extension blocks so that rewriting the code is easy)
  2. Check that the package name is correct
  3. Look in your assets for rogue(!) files and delete them

Thanks to all you helpful folks here and I do hope that my experience will be of help to others.

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