Unable to make FAB button Responsive

I just test the guide from Centralize FAB from @Soft_Darsh which is work fine in different smartphone Screen size if screen is blank (I mean no component in the screen , Just FAB). like pic bellow
in emulator

in my smartphone

is exact the same. with simple block

But if I want put the FAB like picture below ,

There is slightly difference result

Is that something wrong with Screen High calculation ?

FYI , my Smartphone has 320 dpi and the emulator has 191 dpi,

should I be concerned with the difference in screen density?.
But as far as I know, @Boban said, “Actually, the system is already taking care of that by default in responsive mode, so no need to do this” in post Responsive screen sizing

Please Somebody , help to get ride from this condition.


Instead of this use floating Action view extension by @Atom_Developer , very nice one… There by you can show any component at the centre, left, right, top or bottom


Ok I’try… Thanks for the info

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But why suddenly kodular blocked this extension ? Do anyone know reason about this? I had no bad experience with this extension…

Atom has been banned, reason I don’t know but want to know.

What did he do?

Yes please can you tell us what he did?

I don’t want to tell and maybe I won’t be right. Staff and mods know. If they think right to tell you then they will post here.

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Stick to the content of the thread…


Oh crab… That’s why I have problem … :grin:… , right after read the forum … problem disappear (by unused the extension :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:…)

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