Unable to open pdf file from asd through activity starter after fenix update

Try getting file path from this app
Get_File_Path (1).apk (5.4 MB)

I have used it and this is giving correct File path

Your app does not have feature to open pdf or any file through activity started in any 3rd party app.
Problem Statement : Open pdf file from asd through activity starter in any 3rd party app.

Ok let me add this also ok if this works for you then I will share its aia file ok

Try by removing the package name from Project Publishing Settings, if it works then it’s bad as this is broken once again…


Thanks for reporting this. I’ve added it to the bug tracker.


Thank you :crossed_fingers::relieved:

Can I get an AIA file to test the fix?

adsa.aia (41.2 KB)
If you need anything else please let me know.

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Can I also try this? I will ask for permission :unamused: So that afterwards you will not say that @Aditya_Nanda was not invited to use this

Try what? What can you do to fix this?

As this is something only Staff can fix…


No :astonished: Ok I am Zero 0 :pensive::pensive:

Thanks for your help! This issue seems to be fixed. Also, thanks to @Boban and @bodymindpower for pointing out the root cause of the bug.


Have You got any results @pavi2410 I am also now facing this error of my loading pdf on application :pray:

What results? As said above, this bug is fixed.


As i said i am really Zero :pensive:

Idk why you feel so. But you should not put yourself down.

Ok thanks :star_struck: the problem is that i am not able to explain my concern

my problem is solve. but any package name not work. i can use package name is same face problem

Solution is posted in thread, use it.