Unable to package app

Am unable to package my app it keeps saying ‘‘something went wrong’’. what could be the problem.

well, I don’t know…
but probably this can help: Search results for '‘something went wrong' - Kodular Community


This was happening with me also, it might be due to internet problem.

I kept trying export apk, in 2 to 3 attempts it will be exported.

Going to try that as well.

I hope so because I have been trying it for the past 2 days now, I also checked for errors but none found. It works perfectly on the companion.

Check your packageName.

I will check that thank you.

I will repost when it works.

What is the error code you get

Build faild is the error

When I viewed log it detected that I used firebase auth, it said firebase config error

Then search for Search results for 'firebase config error' - Kodular Community

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I download the config file and uploaded it on asset. I will search for it

I saw this post and I think it will help.

Thank you all for your useful suggestions I really appreciate you guys. My application is now packaging.

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