Unable to read file

I am unable to read file which is present, it says not found, I tried everything but failed, please help me. Thanks you

Set the file name to the start value without joining any text :+1:

:point_down: :point_down:

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Try with the file name only.Ex. /File.txt

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Same…hmm :frowning_face:

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Reads text from a file in storage. Prefix the fileName with / to read from a specific file on the SD card (for example, /myFile.txt will read the file /sdcard/myFile.txt ). To read assets packaged with an application (also works for the Companion) start the fileName with // (two slashes). If a fileName does not start with a slash, it will be read from the application’s private storage (for packaged apps) and from /sdcard/AppInventor/data for the Companion.

I think you need to test as apk.And try:

I have already saw in kodular docs :sweat_smile:

Dont think so

Please try.And try also /File2String/File.txt

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Tried…Not work

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Did you tried /File2String/File.txt
Also does you file exist.Take card that it case senstive.Means that File and file aren’t the same.
Also try with the complete path:

Can you try and say instead of just guessing? :sweat_smile: @Mohamed_Tamer

That really work with me.I’m not guessing!

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Really??? :sweat_smile:

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Yes.Can you show me your blocks?Also did you asked for READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

The storage permission is already granted, can you give me any test AIA?

Ok.I will give you one.

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Did you build or just test in the Companion? Either way, if I’m correct, Kodulars file component prepends /storage/emulated/0 to your file. Can you test just /File2String/File.txt after creating the file for me?

@Mohamed_Tamer may have been correct by this post if you haven’t tried it yourself @Business_World.


I already told him that :grin: or i understood you wrong?

Try this:
FileTest.aia (13.2 KB)

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Which is why I gave you credit for the original solution… because I don’t like when people mark others responses as a solution when I originally gave it to them, so I feel that others take it the same way as I do.

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Try this:


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