Unfortubatly video from assets still not works with new 1.5.6

unfortubatly video from assets still not works with new 1.5.6 , just black screen lon video place, version changes and payed part is borned but system errors stay. please fix old bugs , otherwise how buy if i cant fully use this. anyway you are the best. regards

Please convert your block to english to understand block

in this time system dont give me switsh to english, but i will try to make understandebly this code strings for you: first one string is will do something when screen is opened, second string assign file name from assets to pleer , and third one string started pleer. but unfortunatly i see only blank screen :frowning:

Check this answer :point_down:

thank you, its works, but not like i want, file copingt to phone mremory disc and staing there.
hmmm, but if make virtual disk in operative memory its will be good decision before then time when kodular fix bugs :thinking:
but it hard work