Upcoming Extensions Release: 3 new paid extensions


(Ben) #1


Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce 3 new paid extensions in an Upcoming Extensions Release. These extensions include ChatInterface extension for creating messages view, Particles extension for using animations and AdColony extension for using interstitial advertisements.


The money that I get from these extensions are put into “a goal bank” as I am saving money for buying Proxmark3 RDV2, keeping my web hosting and a few more things, because I am now into penetration testing. Although, 10% of the proceeds will be going to YMCA Strong Kids charity, like always.


Chat Interface (Sponsored by @andrekhrisna)


Chat Interface extension allows to create a user interface for chat applications. It creates a view with a title bar on the top and allows you to send different kind of messages including Text, Links, Attachments, Images, Videos, Audio, Payments and even Maps. Everything is customizable, background color, text color, icon color, user’s image and even a possibility to send as self or other person.





  1. Is it possible to send emojis? Yup, it is! Simply copy an emoji, put in a text block and send it right away!
  2. How to style the text? For bold do: <b>text</b>, for italic: <i>text</i>, for underline: <u>text</u> and for strikethrough: <s>text</s>


:warning:   Note: image parameter expects path starting with file://, for example like this:


Available for 10$ at PayPal.Me (make sure to message me, when you send a transaction)



Particles extension allows you to add particles and animations to your views. There are emitters and one shots which depend on their functionality. Emitters emit particles, while one shots only emits particle once. But you can still put one shots in a loop.





  1. What is anchor? Anchor is any visible component on which particles will be shown.
  2. How does FollowCursor work? if you use FollowCursor, when you touch anywhere on the anchor, particles will appear at that location.


:warning:   Note: Emitters (excluding EmitterWithGravity) are running for infinite unlike One Shots so they aren’t good for all the scenarios.


Available for 10$ at PayPal.Me (make sure to message me, when you send a transaction)



AdColony extension is used for showing AdColony’s interstitial advertisements. Simply set the app id, load an ad and whenever it’s loaded and you think it’s time to, show an ad.






  1. What does ShowAd function return? It returns either False if an interstitial wasn’t loaded or True if it was able to successfully show the advertisement and ad was loaded.
  2. Did you include Google Play ads services library? Yes, it was required for interstitial loading.


:warning:   Note: make sure to show some kind of consent before showing advertisements to comply with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Available for 10$ at PayPal.Me (make sure to message me, when you send a transaction)


I would like to thank @andrekhrisna for a really kind donation for the sponsorship, without him, Chat Interface extension would probably have never seen the light. …and thank you for the community!

How to use ad colony ads in our project
(Niyojit Teachers News) #2

If we buy this extension then how will we use this extension to any Screen Shout

(Nathan) #3

There are already screenshots and videos of how it works.

(Ben) #4

If there is any questions, people can always message me. I usually respond in less than 24h.

(Niyojit Teachers News) #5

Where send me link

(Nathan) #6

Did you look at the above post :expressionless:

(Niyojit Teachers News) #7

Yes, I saw give me screenshout of blocks

(Nathan) #8

Even if you’re possibly a new user, doesnt mean everyone is gonna give you the blocks right away, try it first and if you need help, come back.

(Ben) #9

Yup, simply experiment. Blocks take only literally what they need. Want to send a message? Simply pass an image for the user, the text of the message you want to send, date when it was sent for example, I sent the message Now, so just write “just now”. …and for customization just pass the text and the background color in color and textColor properties. Oh and also, id is any kind of a text label for later manipulation of the message, for example click handling.

(Niyojit Teachers News) #10

Yes Help me

(Ben) #11

Help you with what? You haven’t purchased the extension yet.

(Nathan) #12

I think you should read Ben’s reply, before replying too fast.

Glad we could help you.

(Niyojit Teachers News) #13

When I buy an adcolony extension then how will I show the ADS in app?

(Kleyber Derick) #15

What is the minimum API Level for this extensions, @Ben ?

(Ben) #16

Chat +4, particles +7, adcolony, +7

(Niyojit Teachers News) #17

plz screenshout so that we can understand and buy adcolony extension

(Ben) #18

Sorry, I won’t give any instructions as you bought the extension from a scammer who didn’t even buy it from me as well and now selling to everyone. I am giving blocks only to who actually purchased my extension from me.

(Ben) #19

Moreover, you bought the extension which doesn’t work. The scammer just made blocks which don’t do anything, did Inspect Element and used my picture for extensions and simply didn’t even think about the package name, I use different package names. You literally just gave 5$ for non functional extension. Sometimes you need to invest more money into quality product.

(Niyojit Teachers News) #20

If I understand Adcolony blocks then I will buy extension

(Niyojit Teachers News) #21

I have not buys the extension from anyone