Upcoming Extensions Release: 3 new paid extensions


(Ben) #22

Sorry, I’m not showing any AdColony blocks due to scammers. I will only give the picture blocks after purchasing…

(Niyojit Teachers News) #23

How do we know how to go from work

(Ben) #24

Well, neither from the blocks you can tell whether the extension works. I’m not giving any blocks for now, sorry.

(Niyojit Teachers News) #25

Give the testing app so we know that the extension is real

(Ben) #26

Nope, I never give test applications because it’s possible to decompile them. It seems you are trying to manipulate. I am not so dumb…

(Niyojit Teachers News) #27

So brother, I am feeling that adcolony extension has made you fake, you are not giving some proof

(Ben) #28

Sure? You literally bought the extension from a scammer and now want me to give you all things so you could use “illegally” purchased extension. Oh hell no. Also, my extensions fake, I am fake? Well, I think I am a known developer and I have some kind of a reputation. Not sure, what you mean but there are tons people, tons, who have bought my extensions and none of them have been disappointed. Plus, I don’t even think that there was any kind of scamming in App Inventor communities ever. At least not that I remember any.

(Niyojit Teachers News) #29

So someone you can proof

(Nathan) #30

Others buy his extensions, and they work better then expected.

(Niyojit Teachers News) #31

Send me block of AdConoly Extension

(Nathan) #32

Explain why you want them? How will this help you know the extension works?

(Niyojit Teachers News) #33

If I do not know then you will buy the extension

(Nathan) #34

Ok so of you dont know what blocks it has, then dont trust it and dont buy it if you’re gonna be that way, do you goto other extensions and ask for blocks, most likely not, so either buy the extension and stop asking for things that people arent gonna give you or keep asking, dont buy the extension, and you still wont see the blocks.

(Ben) #35

You literally bought the extension from the scammer, or maybe this is the scammer’s account, I don’t know. But I am not giving any blocks to anyone. Every single person whou bought the extension from the scammer, literally started messaging me about blocks. I said again blocks are given to only those who bought the extension from me. Take a look at this idiot (the guy who was selling everyone extension, fake version):

(Ben) #36

That’s in the first post :smile:, some people can’t scroll.

(Nathan) #37

I know xD :joy:

(Niyojit Teachers News) #38

Plz give me fist post link of AdConoly block

(Androteq) #39

Can you make extension for me I give payment for this

(Ben) #40

Hello, what kind of an extension would you like?

(Androteq) #41

I want an extension with an “infinite” number of image without placing hundreds of image components manually from firebase