Upcoming Extensions Release: 3 new paid extensions


(Ben) #42

Oh, you can use Makeroid dynamic components category for that and then simply create image component for each image.

(sonu singh) #43

iam purchased adcolony extension but i lost blocks image

(sonu singh) #44

see this ill purchase extension from you but you dont give me any block image and vedio tutorial

(Ben) #45

You have shared the extension with others and so you got suspended.

(Ajay Gupta ) #46

I like to get adchoices ads extension

(Ben) #47

It’s currently not being sold, it will be rebuilt differently. As the “scammers” who got my extension got a not working version of it with different blocks.

(Ajay Gupta ) #48

i need ad colony extension . tell me how i can get it.

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