[UPDATE] Target and Destroy Version 3.0 available on Google Play

What is the name of your app?

Target and Destroy

Describe your app:

Test your reactions and score points by using timing and reflexes to line up your star to destroy the target star.

In Arcade Mode you have 3 lives to destroy as many targets as you can.

Final game scores of over 10 points are saved to a Best Scores leaderboard. Your Best Run - the highest number of points you accumulate with one life - is also saved to a Best Runs leaderboard if it’s more than 10 points.

Compete with the world and show everyone who’s best.

Alternatively, play Endless Mode in which you don’t have lives to worry about. Just play for the highest score.

With 2 speed settings controlling how fast the targets rush towards your star, you can play a relaxed or a more challenging and demanding game.

How many targets can you destroy?


App Store/Download link:


Please download and play this game.

All criticisms will be listened to and lessons learnt to make this game even better.


you can improve your UI

Thanks for your comment.

Can you advise in what way the UI can be improved? What changes would you like to see?

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I will soon release my MatchIT game, you may refer it.

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I’ll watch out for it.

Will be nice if you provide the video/gameplay

WOW its interesting game to play :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Thank you.

If you have suggestions for improvements or any criticisms then please share them here. The aim is to make this game as good as possible.

This is just a fraction of the final game. There are lots of updates planned.

But first we need players and to get them the game has to be an excellent one in all aspects.

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I will give 5 star

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Thank you very much. As I said just post anything you would like to see done better.

For example, in the Instructions the image of the game screen is not as great as we’d like. But we are working on a better one.

WOW it’s amazing My score is 6, others can try it out :smiley:, I am a real pro gamer :sunglasses:

Your game is similar to flappy bird

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It was inspired by Flappy Bird.

At first it was going to be a similar idea where the star falls down automatically but the player has to keep tapping the screen to make it go up.

And instead of avoiding stars the player had to hit one.

While this idea worked it was too much like Flappy Bird and could be considered a clone.

So that’s why you can tap the screen to make the star go up but in equal increments (instead of tapping quickly and making it go up faster).

Or you can hold the screen to make the star go up at the same speed it falls down.

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Nice, you’re getting good at it.

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you can try to improve your UI.

That’s one of the first things we’re looking at.

If you have any ideas let us know.

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Nice game .


Thank you.

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