#Updated A Community app for Engineers : Brocode 😎

Hey Guys!
i am happy to inform you that i started a project On A app which are helpful for all the engineers over the world basically in :india:.
There they can share there- Notes,Projects,Assignment,Syllabus,pdf Books,Images,Doc File which help each other to complete there study.:v::sunglasses:
##First Glimpse of Application​:calling:



###Work in progress

Thanks @KodularCreator to make such an Awesome platform :heart_eyes: This App fully made with Kodular :zap:
Thanks all those who help me in this project like Extension devlopers,Members,Kodular Staffs etc. :pray:

##For more stay Tuned… :v:


Can we have more screenshots? BTW nice idea :metal:

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i am working on it…work in progress
so after some more work i will upload all necessary stuffs.
Stay tuned…:v::sunglasses: