[Updated] Password Generator - Secure your passwords (V - 1.2)


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[Updated] Password Generator - Secure your passwords (V - 1.2)

Worried about password protection. We’ve got a great password generator.With this app you can generate different types of different password, which is very powerful password.Let us see what is in our app :

1.Strong Password Generator
2.Six item combinations
3.Generated password list
4.Password Manager

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Nice App i will be use this app for password

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Thanks nikhilbobade27


Your app is really amazing i create a simple aplication like this but your’s app is too good than me.


can you plz provide me some blocks that how you save the password by date and time :astonished::astonished:

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This is how i save passwords an time


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Nice application

(Mr Nicolas) #9

Simple and useful! Good work!

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Thanks Mr_Nicolas :blush:

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[Updated] Password Generator - Secure your passwords (V - 1.2) is live on google play


  • App lock
  • Bug fixes


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Nice concept :grin:

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best app for passwords

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Good application, it works very well on all devices where I tried. But it is very weak in terms of security because it stores passwords (both, the list of generated passwords and the password manager side) permanently in plaintext until the user deletes them . Any user with a bit of practice would know how to find them in a few seconds, especially on rooted systems. At least it would be advisable to implement some sort of encryption: it can be a good future upgrade :+1:

(GAAB) #15

Good point. I will add this feature in next update. Thanks for your advise.:blush: