UpdateRowByNum cannot accept the arguments:

Hi there, I’ve an airtable in which I’ve trying to update a particular cell (Score) using the following code -

The airtable looks like this -

following is the error I’m getting each time I run the code -


I’ve checked the API key, BaseID and the Table name many times, but I’m unable to figure out what the problem is…

Please help…

When you update a row, you will need to update all values, not just one.

List values for Name, Email, Password, Score example below.


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But that’s not the case with create row, you can skip some columns as per your will. So, why it has to be different case for updateRow…?

Either use call spreadsheet. set cell block to update specific values or if you use update row by number you have to give values to all columns even the ones that you do not wish to change because it updates the hole given row data


As Dora said, if you want to update an specific cell use:

If you want to update a row, use the blocks you are using right now with all the values required


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