Upgrading to a Firebase Blaze Plan

hello dear community.

i want to know that if i upgrade to blaze plan and use it in free plan limits will i also get 100K simultaneous connections limit? it is written in the pricing plan calculator but it is unlogic i want to be sure.
thank you

You have to ask them about that. It makes sense to me. It is about bandwidth and storage. If you use it quickly that is your fault.

Well can you provide a link to their pricing page… I’ll take a look if I could figure it out :thinking:


I didn’t clearly understand…
If you upgraded to blaze plan
** Blaze Plan

Calculate pricing for apps at scale

Pay as you go
Free usage from Spark plan included**
If this could help
Free usages from spark plan is also included :thinking:

I my point of view you should use any Hosting, I think that will be in your budget and you
can customize it as you want. If you want to know to use Hosting and Cloud Hosting for Kodular Apps. Please DM Me.

Is it top secret?


Yes only the Military Knows it :joy:


I think you need add your Credit card details if you want use this plan

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yes it is true. but i want to know that if i add my credit and pay 5$ for some feauture, for example for more storage, then if will i get 100K simultaneous connection or not?

I think if you switch to blaze plan you will get it.I recommed you ask it to firebase support for clean answer

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You never pay for one feature of Blaze plan. If you buy Blaze plan, you will get all features in Blaze plan.

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then what does ‘pay as you go’ mean ?

pay as you go is like post paid, more you use more is the bill,
but confirm it from official website once

Can i cancel this plan anytime ?
Will it work without a credit card ? (I only have debit card)
All I need is a little bit of increse in data transferred & simultaneous connections