Reducing Firebase Realtime Database cost

While going through the Firebase pricing documentation, I found this.

It is mentioned that we should use native SDKs instead of Rest API. Is it possible in Kodular?
Or else, as per my app requirements I will have to pay hundreds of dollars(if only my app will have 1000+ users). :zipper_mouth_face:

Suggestions are appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Man. you are freaking me out :fearful:

Even I am shocked. As per the pricing of Firebase, the downloads will be counted as 3.5kb whenever the user will connect to the database because of SSL security.

Look for other open source database like MySQL db where your usage will be counted on total data size not on how many times you are querying your database.

This will make you independent from the cost perspective and any future policy changes.


If I use MySQLdb, how can I use Firebase auth service?
Will the data be organized in the same way, as it is organized in the Firebase? :thinking:

Well regarding the data structure it will change because in mysql db you won’t have project bucket and key and value thing but consider it like this,

  1. Project Bucket in Firebase is called Table in MySQL
  2. Key is called the record id
  3. Value is the corresponding row of data for that row id

Like this
Table Student
Record_id student_name student_class student_section student_roll_number
1 ABCD 5th A 5
2 CDEF 5th A 6


That’s not true.

Firebase Authentication is totally free until you are using Auth by Phone.

I know. I am saying about the data downloaded from the real time db.

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Thanks for this info. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

Think of it this way: relational databases (mysql, oracle, sql-server etc.) you have millions of search sources. Any subject, from beginner to expert …
Mysql is free. Almost every hosting site offers this database.
You will have to learn how to design your bank. Study concepts of tables, rows, columns, primary keys, foreign keys, triggers, stored procedures … and the relationship between tables … But you can store many many many … records in your tables … free


Thanks for the suggestion, i will also look towards MySql.

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Kodular has Firebase Auth and Remote Config, so we could conclude that Firebase Database already uses the SDK

Little assumption

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