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My app for being a product store, and have many screens, it takes about 15 to 20 seconds to load. Is there any way these lists are loaded in the background and so do not interfering in the application? So the screen would not get locked during loading.

Did you know kodular app does not runs in background?
You can try this extension

what are you loading may you please tell us?
Maybe it is data from database?

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I work with multiple suppliers and for each product there is a barcode. So when the client chooses a manufacturer, a list in the name firebase tag = all products.
This list is contained all bar codes of all manufacturers only. So for each list item (bar code), and pulled all items from that barcode, such as: code product, name, quantity, description, flavor, manufacturer, value …
So if the client pulls the manufacturer X, and shown only the products of that manufacturer. For this I used a manufacturer pull filter. There is also another filter that is pulled all products on offer, by goals, by product category and there is also a TextBox that the client searched by keyword, and can be anything from manufacturer, product name or product benefits.
As my application and well complex, this makes your load long.

better put your app icon as splash screen and at that time fetch all data save it in tiny db then get data from tiny db here the user would even remember your app icon


I’ll do something like that. For each tag in firebase at the end I go for a number that will be added from + 1 to each update made on that item. Then when the App gets firebase, you will compare if the number stored in the last position of the list and smaller than the firebase. If yes then updates the tinydb. I believe this will give a lot of quick to my app.

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