Upload image to airtable

Please help, can I upload the image to the airtable as a database. I created a CRUD containing the input data and image, is there a reference for me to see ??

You can use image as link and have access of image through Kodular.

how to make it

How to Use Airtable Complete Airtable Guide Tutorial with App and Free AiA - Koded Apps - Kodular Community

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Search On Community. There are many solutions

Use Cloudnairy to store images and get image URL from Cloudnairy and store in Airtable

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do you have example?

Wait I will give you demo

Demo Video:



Airtable database:

Cloudnairy Storage:


Just upload all your images in cloudinary and fill thier link in airtable database

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first use the cloudinary db to get the url of image then insert the url in your airtable sheet

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Can you help me ?

Delete your old airtable records or make a new tabel or base.

The same

Do not leave any empty space in Airtable rows.

the result is like this when I try

Don’t empty any row like this:

Fill all the rows like this:

no empty but the result like this,