Url is invalid?

Good morning, I have a question about it and use the web component to send the data from a form to a url [file.php] and the kodular tells me that there was an error where the url is invalid. Because?

Welcome to the community. Plz show your blocks


Hello, welcome to the community.

You ask the web component to POST text and indicating the URL after.
You need to switch the two blocks:

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Hello … Good night!
Please, the error has been corrected, thanks.
Now the file arrives in Enviar.php and a reply comes without the data: name, email and message. See in the images.
Any idea?

Hi again!
You need to make the POST block look like a GET request. For exemple you need to do:

Web1.Post Text

        Text: join: "?nome=nome.text"

Good morning, I would like to thank you for your help. It worked with the changes in the blocks. thank you

One of the options to do this is to send your variables through the Post, your PHP script works with the variables send the return and then you get that return with the GotText block in Kodular.

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