Url Length Error With Web component

Hi There ,
i am having an error in web when i put a short url it work perfectly , but whenever i put a long url then web view dosent work and apear “400 bad Request Error”
Example :
short url : https://sendpk.com/api/sms.php?
Long Url : https://sendpk.com/api/sms.php?api_key=74d2,8397,39847,90r,hjfd,8734&sms=dghgs&number=0230387469873&masg=hi there how are you

Try to replace empty spaces with % in long url for example


ok let me check it

dose not work for me because it is a sms text i cant include % as Space

What is the format you had designed ? It says service id is empty. Is your format is correct?

If you use short URL, just show your blocks? I hope you r missing something when compare with short and long URL.

In my case when i am adding spaces in the end of url then this error accourd ,
Other wire it doesn’t…
Example :
(This Works Good)


(Not working after Adding space in last)

https://sendpk.com/api/sms.php?api_key=74d2,8397,39847,90r,hjfd,8734&sms=dghgs&number=0230387469873&masg=hi testing this url

I think maybe you have to re check api’s docs at Bulk SMS Services Provider | Free SMS API | Bulk SMS Pakistan | Bulk SMS Company | Bulk SMS or contact their support

this is issue in URL not in their web , cuz same url is working on some other Android versions ,

Use PostText instead of Get ?

can you show me how ?
i want to call a url with lot of spaces

see my answer here


But i Can’t add % I replacement of spaces cuz i am sending an sms which is is web url… have a look on it.

https://sendpk.com/api/sms.php?api_key=74d2,8397,39847,90r,hjfd,8734&sms=dghgs&number=0230387469873&masg=Hello this is a test sms using html web url

Try these two approaches:

I see in the api docs that the message is urlencoded…

$post = "sender=".urlencode($sender)."&mobile=".urlencode($mobile)."&message=".urlencode($message)."";
$url = "https://sendpk.com/api/sms.php?username=".$username."&password=".$password."";

You may need to encode more of the options and switch more items to postText…

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