Using Clock Timer

I would like this block to be executed without the existence of a yes button after a few seconds, I used a clock timer but without success, simply nothing happens, how could I do that?

Did you untick timer always timer enabled from designer mode for the clock component?
Did you set time interval properly in alarm manager extension ?

the blocks you have shown is the extension made by deep host if you are asking questions about that extension then sorry but he does not support his extensions

Yes forget to say, this is deep host extension and there won’t be no support avaible in our community.

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I need to see this

Sorry, i forgot

What you want to do? Can you more elaborate?

I want the entire image block to be executed after 5 seconds

To do this why you are looking for deephost alarm? You can achieve it just by using clock , notifier and sound component…

Or try this

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