Using Font Awesome in your apps

A quick little tutorial

Font Awesome is a fontset frequently used on websites and also in apps. It contains a lot of graphics you can use in Kodular.

Font Awesome can be found here If you want to download the font you get this:

press the the button at the bottom. You get a zip-file. Open it and go to the fonts folder.


Extract the file ending with .ttf and upload it to your makeroid app as an asset.


You can now use it in every component that has a

Selectie_438 property.
Open it and choose the fontfile.

There is a very handy cheatsheet so you can choose the charater you want.

Inside a button you can just type for instance  inside the buttontext property and it will show the character. Inside a label you also have to check the HMTLformat property to make it work. The rest is the same.

In your app it could look something like this:


Great tutorial! I also recommend

You are able to filter fonts by all the settings you want, and you can download the .tff or .otf too!

Also, most of them are royalty free or free for commercial use if not all of them!


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I use for a lot of fonts i use. They also have a lot of fonts you can use that are free:[]=10&l[]=1


Super Guide that Solved my confusing things :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you @Peter

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