V1.0.5 Exoplayer for AppInventor | Play media with Google's Exoplayer

Can you provide a sample aia for adding title because I very confused now…
Provide a sample aia with title view…

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Please wait. I am writing docs for the extension.

What codecs are supported by your video player…


I have a request if you can do it,
Cast feature
This help us to cast media from mobile phone to android tv with cast options available

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Exoplayer UI 1.0.4



Event raised when fullscreen button is clicked and its status changes. Here you can perform different functions to enter or exit fullscreen.



Event raised when controls visibility changes. Here you can update your UI. For example : You can show/hide a title label etch.



Create player view in a layout.


Create styled player view.


Show controls.


Hide Controls.


Show system UI. The function is in experimental phase and may not work properly.


Hide System UI. The function is in experimental phase and may not work properly.








Show or hide player controls


Set whether to show an image when playing an audio file.


Set default thumbnail in case if there is no thumbnail in media metadata, the player will show this thumbnail. It works only for audio files.


Set repeat toggle modes. This will show/hide repeat toggle button.


Set when to show loading progress indicator.


Set video resize mode


Automatically show controller when media is interupted during playback.


Milliseconds after which the controller should hide.


Hide controller on touch.


Whether to use default controller or not.


Enable/Disable controls animation.

Track Properties

Active thumb size.


Thumb size.

Disabled thumb size.

Buffered track color.


Track color.

Progress color.

Subtitle Properties

Subtitle background color.

Subtitle foreground color. ( Text Color )

Subtitle edge color.

Subtitle window color.


Text size type.
1- Use SizeTypeAbsolute if you want to set a specific font size irrespective of the player size.
2- Use SizeTypeFractional if you want to set font size relative the player size.

Absolute text size.

Fractional text size.


Subtitle render view type. Use ViewTypeWeb if your subtitles have html styles embedded. For general purpose, you can always use ViewTypeCanvas.


Subtitle edge type.

Subtitle bottom padding.

Whether to ignore bottom padding or not.

Specify a custom font.


one bug didn’t solved yet is that the when I m watching a video the brightness decreased to lowest automatically after watching a video more than 10 minutes…solve this issue…:sob::sob:

This is a sample aia that shows how you can customize ui, add title etc :
exoplayer_with_title.aia (1.9 MB)
(App Inventor)


Your extension works good with app inventor but not with kodular, I have tried many times I have getting many issues in kodular but when using aap inventor it works fine but one bug didn’t solved is that the when I m watching a video the brightness decreased to lowest automatically after watching a video more than 10 minutes…solve this issue…

Hello @zainulhassan

It might be that I have found another bug or you are aware of this problem/bug is that I was playing a video with your player and after 15:30 minutes the brightness automatically decreased to lowest it’s like the phone is going to sleep…
Then I have tried with another video and the other video is doing same after 15 or 15:30 minutes the brightness decreased to lowest

And I found another bug is that when I have watched video more than 5 minutes and want to seek backward then I tap on the back button but it’s not going backward it is going to forward, both buttons are doing same thing only seeking forward, the backward button is not working properly,I request to check whenever you are free…
Please check both buttons are they doing right.beacuse I m getting this issue in every video… { I m using link to watch if u need link I will give you for test}
I think you have to check that

I found another problem or you can say bug:-

When I m watching a video in landscape mode then I rotate my device to potrait the video freezed for 3-4 seconds and then when I rotate my device to landscape the whole player screen becomes black and subtitles and audio coming perfectly but video is not showing after 5-6 seconds video playing good…
Try to solve this problem also…

your player does not work after returning from lock screen or from foreground . this is very bed experience for a user . if user lock there phone while watching a video or he just foreground the task for some time , after that if he want to play again the video , player does not work . please solve this issue . i remind you about that many times . but you never respond to that. it is useless if this bug present . the same bug is also present in deephost exo player.


Is it possible to replace the icons given by you to some other ?

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Yes you can change the icons. But you need to use the exact name as in the given zip folder.

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Yes ur right…
And I have getting another problem is that when I m watching a video the phones brightness automatically decreased to lowest and my phone went to sleep…
I have tested this extension in my all devices and I m getting this issue in every phone even I have changed settings of phone sleep mode to never…
My phone even sleeps when I m watching a video…
And @funnymomentforever have told problem that when phone automatically sleeps and when we unlock the phone and try to play video and tap on play/pause button it did nothing, so need to exit from app and restart it again to watch a video after it when I have watched video more than 5 minutes the brightness decreased and phone went to sleep…
Same procedure happening in every phone
This is a serious bug!!!

@zainulhassan please fix this issue…
And I have a advice for you first check and test the extension correctly before publishing to community…

This extension have lot of problems and bugs and the dev doesn’t reply for reported problems…
I have reported many problems but he stopped replying

This sleep problam can be solved using " keep screen on true " block . You can find this block in screen properties . Use this block .

How can I fix the problem if I locked my phone and unlock it then play/pause button didn’t work more specifically the video stopped and player didn’t respond…
And same issue happens when I m playing a video and I want to switch to another app when I switched to another app and again switched to video player it stopped working…

Same issue happens when I tap on home button and then when I open video player it stopped working…

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Keep calm everyone. I am trying to fix the issue. @funnymomentforever If you have that mush issue, then why not try and fix it yourself. afterall the project is open source. Its easy to talk than to do it by yourself.

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we just want a reply .