V1.0.5 Exoplayer for AppInventor | Play media with Google's Exoplayer

When i enter or exit in full screen, my Samsung A20 smartphone with hang and restart automatically. Else everything work perfectly

I cannot able to create this video player. Please help me by providing correct version of sdk and with aia file. zainulhassan zainulhassan

@Anu10 - I need to use in kodular. Will that works. Is there any way for that. Please help me.

For now (Kodular), it works only in compiled apk.

when i click forward 10 seconds button the media use internet again and load whole , is any option that play cache data not load again & again , also when i change thumb position media load again and use data again , any solution

I want download extension exoplayer, Can You help me.

Download it from 1st post