Val - A Voice Assistant Lady

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app: Val Is a voice assistant Made By SamDev it Took 2 Days To Make WARNING:Continuously Listening Is WIP So Don’t Expect it To Work.

  • Google Search - Say “do a google search for” then your search query
  • Set An Alarm - say “set an alarm” then it will launch a time picker
  • Go to a website - Say “open a website” followed by the url
  • Phone Call - say “Make A Phone Call” then it will open a phone number picker to pick the number
  • Text message - Say “Send A Text Message” then it will open a phone number picker to pick the number for the text Message
  • Voicemail - When You Say Read My Voicemail if you’ve set the number in settings it will call it if you didn’t then it will ask you to set it
  • If it senses an unknown command it will ask you if you want to search google for it
  • To Open Settings Or Help Just Say “Settings” Or "Help"
  • Continuous Listening - Say “Hey Val” to activate Val


App Store/Download link:

Val.apk (6.1 MB)

Please Do Not Beg For The AIA

Changelog V2

added splash screen

Val Is a Name And Its Short For Voice Assistant Lady

Extensions Used:ScSpeechRecogniser For Continuous Listening


How did you do always listening?

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i used an extension from the appybulder community called: ScSpeechRecogniser then set if the user chose in settings to turn it on it sets it to true

Hey @SamDev Nice work!!!

Would you like to add the name of the extension with it’s appropriate link in your original post, so that if any user want the same extension he/she can easily get it?

Really good app but one thing is missing is machine learning I asked about it let’s see if it will available or not

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Ok I Have Done It!:blush:

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hey can you please provide the aia

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The opening post states


sorry i didn’t read that before

Please don’t open old topics unnecessarily. The topic is 1 year old…

okay , i am sorry for my mistake