Vertical/horizontal arrangement swiping horizontalally

I want to swipe layouts in one screen horizontally. How can I do this

As u can see above

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Use flipper component , view dagger , tab layout any

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He is right ,if this is the solution for you then mark solution to his post

You can do this with the extension: ViewPager Animation (you can download the extension from Deep Host)

I will post his reply as solution but after will try once

Hi @Sumit1334
What do you think about using the Open Screen Animation property ?


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I want to do this with two layouts

Sorry…I thought you are using two screens :sweat_smile:
Maybe Phase can be helpful.

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Can it happen without extension

Although I have not used Animation Utilities component but I think it has a similar block.

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Why not just view tab layout and hide the bar by setting it to transparent