Help me find extensions

Hello I Would Be Really Happy If You Help Me Find Extensions

The Extension I’m Looking For: For example, as Google scrolls the screen, the url menu closes I need an extension to do it.

For those who do not understand what I wrote, I put it in the sample video below, thank you in advance.

In Screen1 Properties enable “Scrollable”. That should solve it.

Is it possible to apply it to horizontal layout or vertical layout By the way scrollable unfortunately it is not a solution :frowning:

Why don’t you just try yourself? This is a main concept of learning :wink:

I tried a lot myself, I searched for many extensions, but I couldn’t do it so I said I should ask, ultimately this is the learning solution. :slight_smile:

May be guides like these :point_down: can give you some idea…


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I just tried it by myself:

  1. Screen scrollbar = disabled
  2. put webviewer(scrollbar= disabled) in a Vertical Scroll Arrangement( Scrollbar = enabled)

I will use this for web viewer how can I do this