Vertical scroll arangement taking up all the space

Dear Kodulars,

I have made this layout in Designer:

As you can see, I have a pretty long list of Labels and at the bottom I have the AdMob Banner.

The problem is, that my AdMob Banner is always at the complete button, meaning, that I need to scroll down through all my labels and only then it gets visible.

Is it possible to somehow fix the AdMob Banner to always show on the bottom of the displayed content instead of at the bottom of entire displayed content?

I want my screen to always look like this:

and when I will be scrolling down, the AdMob Banner would always be on the bottom and only the Labels will get changed.

Is this possible?

Thank you

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I think you only need to set the height % of the Vertical scroll arrangement to something like 80% and leave the other 20% to the Banner.


Go to the Properties screen and turn off the scrollbar


Thanks guys, the combination of your solutions worked out perfectly.


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