Fixed banner ads on scrollable screen

How can i implement fixed banner ads on a scrollable screen? I took a vertical scrollable layout and bellow a horizontal layout . i put admob banner ads on horizontal layout . still the ad moves up and down with the screen content . please let me know how to resolve the issue

Disable scrollable screen



try As @Boban Said…

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once i disabled the screen ,the vertical scroll arrangement also got disabled. is there any other way please ?

Then you did something wrong. Show your layout in the designer and the properties you set.

screen and layout properties

Where is you banner arrangement?

i put banner on horizontal arrangement

Can I fix it by blocks ? If yes, then what be the blocks design please

I think you put horizontal Arrangement inside vertical scroll Arrangement from this image kindly confirm and is yes then move it outside vertical scroll Arrangement

Your horizontal arrangement is in vertical arrangement as @ShaikhSajidAli said , put your horizontal arrangement out from vertical arrangement,

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Here i have taken horizontal Arrangement (above) and vertical scroll Arrangement (below) separately. i put many buttons on vertical scroll Arrangement . here vertical scroll Arrangement is not scrollable .

I did it according to your suggestion still not working . have you more suggestions please

Send me your aia file, let me check where is problem

aaa.aia (1.4 KB)

Please see this aia file. i want the banner ads to be fixed at the top and below page content to be scrolled.

Ok let me check and i will inform you soon

Check now.

aaafixed.aia (1.7 KB)

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Working now…

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it’s working now . thanks for your nice support . you take only vertical scroll arrgment and directly place the banner ad below it. shouldn’t i take the horizontal Arrangement to place ads on it?

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horizontal arrangement also worked as fine, but the problem was your ad wasn’t called, so it wasn’t showing, make sure call ad and in test also check test mode for ads so you can see there placement and visibility