Need kind support: How to make Professional Adds Like Below Design

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Point: When Scrolling Content not moving Ads.
How can I make like these ads in my app screen below?

Set screen to not scrollable and use vertical scroll arrangement, allow vertical scroll arrangement to scrollable and put your ads out from vertical scroll arrangement.

Set a vertical arrengement1 to fill parent and put ur content into them and just below vertical arrangement1 add a new vertical arrangment2 and put ads into them.
make vertical arrangment2 visible to false and
in block set it as when ads loaded then set.vertical_arrangment2,visibletotrue
Thats it work done.

Can You suggest Me ANY video tutorial about this topics.

Thanks For provide your valuable answer.
Can you reference any tutorial video to understand easily?

Why don’t you search on YouTube? It will be easy for you to find video there…

Just drag and drop a Vertical_Scroll _Arrangement(Fill parent) and now you have to drag and drop a Facebook_Banner_Ad component just below the Vertical_Scroll _Arrangement…That’s it…

I’m Sorry To say that i see to many video in , But Exactly i’m not find my question related video. That’s Why in last way I question here. I Thought most of the legend have in makedroid(Kodular ) community and I’m getting my question(Problem/Learn) ANSWER.

Ok Lets me try to give you a written tutorial…

  1. Drop vertical scroll arrangements on screen &
  2. complete you content whatever you want to make in an screen.
  3. Then drop fb banner ad on screen not in arrangement.
  4. Little easy. Just one arrangement & complete your app…

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