Vertical Scroll Handler only. Modified extension. Original Owner is Colintree or Sunny

If you are looking for vertical scroll handler but you only find the original that comes with both vertical and horizontal, you may use this modified one. Again I don’t own the credit to this extension. Check the original at ScrollHandler: Handle the scroll of scroll views - #68 by AtharvaPawar

Used normally as the original extension

Edit: extension removed by Mod

NOTE: Do not post a link to fishy websites.

You are not authorized to post extension if it not yours, post a link to it instead

Hi, I specified its not mine, Cant I post a different version but still credit the original developer?

Are you the author of the modified version?
If yes, then you are authorized to publish it, but you should use your own package name…

Also please add a short documentation …


Okay, Thanks. I will