Via USB Kodular Starter

How to perform this step (pip install -r requirements.txt). who can help me?


Have you turned on USB Debugging in the Developer Options?
In my case It is working

See the above image!!

It can run normally, I like its response speed, faster than WIFI. But I cannot switch to the second screen. Where is the problem?

Which Second Screen are you talking about describe properly??

If you are talking about the Application screens…
So, The answer is NO we can switch to any screen and If you are stuck at 1st Screen just enter some text in about screen of 2nd screen.

OR may be you have used an Extension that doesn’t supports Kodular Companion


Clicking a button should jump to Screen 2, but USB debugging cannot perform this operation.

Hey, So who said you USB debugging will solve the application problem.

It was the Solution for the above PROBLEM, I never said that USB Debugging will fix app errors.

And I had already written about screen

In above case you have to EXPORT APK

However In short, USB Debugging is a way for an Android device to communicate with the Android SDK (Software Developer Kit) over a USB connection. It allows an Android device to receive commands, files, and the like from the PC, and allows the PC to pull crucial information like log files from the Android device.