Video call [FREE]: Using

Does anyone know why it sounds so bad? try on 3 different cell phones at long and short distance but it is heard double or with strange sounds

Thank you soo much for sharing this nice stuff

No , I Tested It . Make A Distance Of 0.5 km to 1km

I tested On
Jio Broadband 5g (5ghz) : 180Mbps
Jio Broadband 4g (2.4ghz) : 60Mbps
Jio Mobile data : Good Quality
Airtel Broadband 4g (2.4ghz) : 50Mpbs


At least in my country (Argentina) I tried at distances of more than 10km and less but it sounds really bad

You can Check With Web Version Provided in Github

If It also Shows Problems then your ISP speed isn’t Good

If it works then some problem in html files


In the web version it works very well, what could be the problem with the html files? if the app is as is as this demo only with another test id

Change the Agroa App id With your App id


Hello, I was going to ask a question, or rather, I have asked before, when I do the agora io video chat application on a screen other than the screen 1, I get a white screen error please a notification AIA or suggest a solution
thank you

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Have you checked the post

yes i checked please help
but unfortunately the result did not change

thank you


There is no need for App Secret, right?


well there is a need of app secret

i will agree with you

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Worked finely for me but, I have a secret that makes it work in any way :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :hugs: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

how to extend token time for long time, bcoz i not able to time to time re-generate token

so plz if you have any idea. then plzz share your things

why are you not share it is for all user

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They say it right, why don’t you share it and it doesn’t work outside of agora screen 1 ???

thank you


Where Is The Extension And Code For The Picture In Picture?