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Oh, now i remember, take a screenshot of your CustomWebViewer properties.
This can solve the problem…

You have to download the CustomWebViewer (Version 4) extension, else it will not work fine.

Here the official CustomWebview download link…

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I am trying


Remember that you must change the “WebviewVArrangement” properti to ColumnWebView…

No need to use only version 4 of customwebview it can be done with latest version too

i don’t know how to change and didn’t happen :pensive:

In the original .aia file, uses the CustomWebView v4.

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If you are getting white screen after asking and granting all permission to weview then you must not have set the web view yet

All of this block you need to use in latest version of customwebview

I know that I have gone through the AIA before and also made video chat app with latest customwebview v9

You don’t have to stick to v4 it can be done with any version customwebview from v4 later on upto latest


Use the V4 (The same as the original)extension solve my white screen problems.


For white screen problem you can check out my previous post

You need to use all of the blocks in post


can you show me the white screen code directly i don’t know much about custom web wiev

Check this out

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To do that, you can especify the vertical arrangement here (in CustomWebView v4):

I did it, it doesn’t work, I am not doing anything different from you.

Thank you

Is my proposal in progress? 5 months had been gone

I am getting join channel failed

how can we do this without extension

You cannot do this without extension because you need to obtain the necessary permissions, camera, microphone, etc. but you can do this with a single extension, but it is a paid extension

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ok thank you